Watch a dirty movie tonight? yes or no…

…I am not sure if i will, might get to tired, but I actually enjoy watching it, i watch some from time to time, I know you Angelina would say i watch alot!! 😀

but to be honest i usually loose intresst in it after 15 – 20 minutes, even tho i might be horny again not long after…and want more…more but the feeling dies, and i feel guilty and ashamed often…i don’t know why but i do, is that normal?

anyway…my biggest fanatsie might be, i say might coz of my lack of experience, but it would be blow jobs, I always dream about that and often fast forward the dirty movie to where the girl gives a BJ.
I just like the view when the girl play with the cock and pleasure you the best way she can… i wish i knew more of it in real life… :/

how often is normal to pleasure your self ? for you out there?
many times a week or few days every other week or what is it?

All pictures can be found here, just swap around.


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  1. rxudubparc said,

    February 13, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    unf6vM stggttoroeac, [url=]mdfcuypvhsgz[/url], [link=]uyihbnftyvro[/link],

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