Shaved pussy or not?

…me my self prefer Shaved pussy, really like it, atleast when i look at it, don’t really know in real life tho…although many ppl also prefer hairy bushes it seem, Angelina told me once, that i should shave, well we spoke about it, and she gave me some hints why, i have always liked it shaved even tho i didn’t do it my self at the time, i mean liked shaved pussys, never tought of shaving me self, felt weird and i was ashamed about it, but after we spoke, i tried and after that i was hooked on it.

i never really had a reason to do it, coz i didn’t think i would meet a girl, but after that conversation, i belived maybe i could, and i keept shaving, and did it for a long time.

but today, I don’t give a damn, all the effort and work I put down in to shaving didn’t pay out, really coz of me shy, anyway…would do it again if i knew i would meet someone or so, but for now i guess i say like Samantha in “sex n the city” …i would grow a national forrest for all i care..but it was nice being shaved tho..all to much work for nothing atm… maybe i need more talking to Angelina to get my head straight !!



How sexy can Panties be?

…quite sexy actually, I like it, even tho i prefer diffrent types of thongs..

All pictures can be found here, just swap around.