I would…

…Loose to her anyday or night to have the chance to talk to her, and have her name.. Just pure beauty, and the bosom is wonderful ;D jaws dropping, eyes popping n words trembling…!! Pure Angel like!

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Watching Eden atm.

Seem pretty nice, actually, even tho i probebly get bored in a few minutes haha…


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I would walk 3 times around globe for you sweetheart in a heartbeat..

…one beep and i start walking!
….Another perfect human being born. Sexy!!
….. Such a beautiful face, stunning body, and her ass omg…rock bottom!! her Lips is adorable, just wanna kiss her til my heart flat lines´when the air goes out, and I would fade away with a smile for life…

thank you sweety for being born and giving ppl the pleasure to know you =)

Pure poetry in motion! ..this is the reason for me to be alive, no question asked. *sigh*

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Watch a dirty movie tonight? yes or no…

…I am not sure if i will, might get to tired, but I actually enjoy watching it, i watch some from time to time, I know you Angelina would say i watch alot!! 😀

but to be honest i usually loose intresst in it after 15 – 20 minutes, even tho i might be horny again not long after…and want more…more but the feeling dies, and i feel guilty and ashamed often…i don’t know why but i do, is that normal?

anyway…my biggest fanatsie might be, i say might coz of my lack of experience, but it would be blow jobs, I always dream about that and often fast forward the dirty movie to where the girl gives a BJ.
I just like the view when the girl play with the cock and pleasure you the best way she can… i wish i knew more of it in real life… :/

how often is normal to pleasure your self ? for you out there?
many times a week or few days every other week or what is it?

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Angel in the morning? devil at night!

Asian beauty 24/7

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lost in translation…

…so things are back to normal, we got water in the house finaly!! feels good, our connection still sux, which now is like something normal, you can’t trust the provider…they came by to fix the connection and tv today and fucked it up even more, my sister lost her picture on tv, and the Inet doesnt work anywway… waiting for them to come back again in 2 weeks!! well Normal aswell…. Comhem SUX!!

I think i am lost in translation between a man and a woman… i just does’t seem to understand how to find a gf…even a female friend really… well i am good at getting the answer..used to be…”you are only my friend we won’t ever be more than that” well thats is what i usually get, or used to get when i still belived i had a chance with the ladies 😀

these days i only dream about them and the family i once wanted =)

time to sleep, got work tomorrow.. so my fellow ppl out there, good night where ever you are… and good morning Asia!! =)

This woman will be in my dreams tonight…so beautiful like a dream come true 🙂 “dreaming out laud”

love Asia love women

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Male Nympho?

..Sometimes I wonder If i am a Male nympho somehow, or if it’s just lack of female attention, coz i am constant horny, just a few times during the past 2 years i lost the lust of sex, due to the fact taht i got raped by a big drunk girl, when i was still a virgin, was in total chock tath night and paralized… aswell, an other happening that i don’t wnat to talk about much.

How come female friends, can take pictures of each other, naked pictures play with each other and just tease and have fun, squeeze one other boobs, and just live the sexuality out some how? somtimes i wish i had a friend like that(female ofc. DOH!) a dare devil who could do stuff like that to tease me and pleasure me some how, touch me.

I still looking for love, and affection, attention from a girl, i am 32 and never really had sex, i dont know what it feels like to have pleasure, besides the horrific night when i lost my virginity which i don’t rem. much from nor did i ahvea ny pleasure from it, i didn’t even come…i dont know much about sex other then that, and from porn movies which i watch kinda often. YES Angelina..i can hear your taughts!! *smile* but i do like it to be honest, and won’t hide that.

i just wish i could share that intresst or pleasure somehow with a girl. and not a tv!!!
Is it weird to ask for a girl to be bold to watch me do it or ask her to give me a hand job? or how do you do it if u don’t know the person, it seem like it’s most common thing when it comes to young ppl. me my slef never had the guts to be like that, even if i wanted to i never had the chance or the mental str, to talkt to women when i was younger, how can i find someone like that who wanna tease n pleasure me jsut for the sake of doing it for me now when i couldn’t do it then?

its hard to feel this, and have all these sexual emotions with in me and never get it out, just build it up, emotional jail…writing about it, watching pix, and movies can only do so much… what to do?
someone would say, find a girl friend, ..- i wish i could, but i lack something with in me that many other has, “guts” afraid, many other things i belive which makes it harder for sure…

well nuff said for now,

a few beautys maybe? i love the female bosom!! i once touched one, ty =)

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I am sick, got the Asian flu!! <3

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first time online ..first blog lol :P

my first line…first time online 😛